Mariage Frères JASMIN MANDARIN™ Muslin Tea Sachets

Mariage Frères JASMIN MANDARIN™ Muslin Tea Sachets

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Sweet green tea
with jasmine blossoms

Box of 30 round original French cotton muslin tea sachets - net weight : 75g

Our jasmine tea is scented according to a time-honoured tradition.
Plucked at dawn, thousands of delicate jasmine flowers are layered into the tea leaves and buds.
The dry tea thus absorbs all of the heady, natural fragrance from the fresh flowers.
This melding is repeated several times so the essence suffuses the heart of the tea.
Between perfuming, the tea is dried again so that new, freshly plucked flowers may impart more aroma.
After giving up all their delicious jasmine scent to the tea, the dried flowers are then carefully collected by hand, one by one.
The all-natural jasmine tea is finally ready to be enjoyed.

1 muslin / 20 cl - 95°C - 3 min