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Experience the Charm of Sage and Madison’s Rich History

Old Whaling Town

Sag Harbor was first inhabited by the Algonquin Indians. They called the town Weg-wag-onuch which was derived from the Algonquin word “Weg-quae-and-auke” meaning “the land or place at the end of the hill.” At that time, Sag Harbor was enveloped in hills, streams, meadows, and swamps. The neighboring villages called this area “Great Meadows.” Sag Harbor reached its heyday between 1820 and 1850 as the whaling industry thrived across Long Island and throughout New England. More than 60 whaling ships called the Port of Sag Harbor home as they braved wind and sea in search of goods and bowhead whales. The streets bustled with merchants and sailors from all over the world speaking different languages and bringing different cultures to the area. Taverns and inns dotted the streets and overflowed with captains and crews telling stories of their adventures at sea.

Dorian Grey Star Hurd Hatfield lived in the house for several years

Where Sage Meets Madison

Previously known as “Prime House,” Sage and Madison was first purchased by Reverend Daniel Hall. Succeeding his residence, Pastor and writer Nathaniel S. Prime settled in the home as the manse of a Presbyterian Church. Prime who went on to write History of Long Island belonged to a community of writers including John Steinbeck, Spalding Grey, E.L. Doctorow, Betty Friedan, Robert Caro, and Colson Whitehead, to name just a few. Following the 1950s literary scene, the house was owned by stage and screen actor Hurd Hatfield (1951-1972) and celebrated Jazz musician Hal McKusick (1972-2017). In 2017 the house was extensively renovated by local artists and residents. The home operated as a non-profit entity under the auspices of the Edge and Center Foundation as a workspace for established and emerging writers. Currently, it has been beautifully restored with all amenities, period moldings, 200-year-old floors, four fireplaces, and an antique kitchen with a wood-beamed ceiling. A separate barn has been converted into a boutique providing you with all the products you need to make your stay comfortable.


31 Madison Street, Sag Harbor, NY 11963


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